Betar is a youth movement founded by one of the pioneers of Zionism Ze'ev Jabotinsky in 1923. We stand by his ideals that Israel is the rightful historic and religious home land of the Jews which is vital for the survival of the Jewish people.

Our focus is on educating the public about the rightful claim the Jewish People have to the land of Israel, promoting Aliyah, working with local organisations and combating Antisemitism while cultivating young Jewish leaders.

Our main pillars are Hadar, to always be an upstanding good person/Mensch; Tagar, to have tenacity pride and passion in everything we do; Aliyah, to promote and strive for Jews moving to Israel; and Dugma Ishit, which is to lead by example.

Our activities are a combination of educational hikes, fun get togethers, creating Hasbara material, attending Jewish and Zionist Events and hosting educational talks that help educate people of Israel.

We are a non-profit youth organisation that works closely with the local Zionist Federation, Friends of Likud SA, Betar Worldwide(Olami), Likud Olami and the World Zionist organisation.

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A strong educated Jewish diaspora is critical part to the sustained growth and strength of Israel, the Jewish people and Judiasm. Together we will always be strong and proud!

Betar is an Israeli Zionist Youth Movement, which has a branch in Johannesburg South Africa. Our key goal is to support Israel by educating the Youth in the history of the Jewish people and Israel, and the connection between Africa and Israeli while enabling them with the tools to stand up for what is right. 

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