There are 2 ways you can support Betar South Africa, excluding writing articles and donating, which is to get involved with either our Alumni group or with our parent body Friends of Likud South Africa.

While Betar is a Youth movement, we have young adults on our Alumni body who are open to giving us advice and guidance while being invited to Alumni events.

Betar South Africa

Should you be an ex-Betari or someone who is interested in helping Betar carry out our goal of Hasbara please get in touch using

Friends of Likud South Africa

Should you be interested in getting involved with or supporting our parent body, Friends of Likud South Africa you would be able to not only assist Betar but you would also become a member of Likud Olami and would be actively supporting the efforts of Likud's representation in South Africa. If you would like to get in touch with Friends of Likkud SA please email them at

Betar is an Israeli Zionist Youth Movement, which has a branch in Johannesburg South Africa. Our key goal is to support Israel by educating the Youth in the history of the Jewish people and Israel, and the connection between Africa and Israeli while enabling them with the tools to stand up for what is right. 

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