Betar South Africa, under the guidance of Friends of Likud South Africa, Betar World Wide & Likud World Wide is a South African Youth Movement.

Betar South Africa, is a Zionist Youth Movement that strives to stand up for Israel and the Jewish People using education to help create a base of supporters who have the tools and facts required to help people understand the true situation and history of The Jewish claim to the Land of Israel.

Being a South African based branch we are focusing on the Israeli and Jewish historic connections to South Africa and Africa as a whole as we strive to drop some existing barriers, by highlighting how both Africa and Israel/Jewish People have influenced and helped each other through out our histories.

We run events such as educational hikes, and talks in schools while creating print and digital content that provides facts and tips enabling people to be proud informed Zionists.

While we have a strong focus on the Jewish community, we are striving towards partnerships with non-Jewish pro-Zionist youth and community organizations to be able to share our knowledge and experience with them as our Zionist community grows.

We look forward to working closely with local Jewish and non-Jewish community organizations to help Israel and local Africans through education.

Betar is an Israeli Zionist Youth Movement, which has a branch in Johannesburg South Africa. Our key goal is to support Israel by educating the Youth in the history of the Jewish people and Israel, and the connection between Africa and Israeli while enabling them with the tools to stand up for what is right. 

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